To Those of us Who Want to Be Allies (several topics)

Hey everyone!

I’ve been working on a big project idea since May, but before I post anything about it, I wanted to talk about some serious topics.

I usually prefer to keep my mouth shut because I’m not great at saying stuff and end up doing more harm than good. But I’m also aware that being able to keep silent when you have a platform is a privilege I don’t want to benefit from.

I apologize in advance in case I say something inappropriate or out of place. Let me know if I handle a topic in a bad way. I’m not here to judge or be holier-than-thou, just state what this blog and I support and what we don’t stand for.

This post isn’t meant to offend anyone except racists and idiots who discriminate. It addresses those of us who want to be good allies.


The fact that #BlackLivesMatter is not trending on Twitter, or that won’t be trending after sometime, doesn’t mean that things have died down. It doesn’t mean there is suddenly justice and peace. It just mean it has gotten out of the field of vision of those who are not affected.

Also, for those of us who are international bloggers/readers, let’s remember that racism isn’t a US-only thing. It’s easy to say we’re helping when we do so through a screen to a remote place. Let’s not be hypocrites, let’s be allies in person, too.

As a non-Black girl, I have no right to speak about the Black community’s anger, I can only leave these links (that everyone should check out) here:

Let’s read: YA Books by Black Authors To Preorder Right Now | Lesser Known LGBT+ Books by Black Authors | Young Adult Books by Black Authors – First Half of 2020

Check out: Black Publishing Power (June 14th to 20th) | BlackBookathon (June 14th to 20th)


My beautiful Brown+Asian+White Harry Potter, his smart Black best friend Hermione Granger, and his goofy and adorable bisexual best friend Ronald Weasley have saved me from a bad moment in my life. I’ll keep them in my heart, as well as the fandom that made me grow and diversify my vision of the world, but I can’t say the same for JKR.

I have no clue how to talk about this aside from saying that Trans men are men and Trans women are women, and bigots are bags of dragon dung. P.E.R.I.O.D. Kacen Callender talks about it much better than I do.

There’s the question of how an author’s voiced opinions and beliefs should affect their work. Some say we should consider the books as being written by no one, others disagree, but one sure thing is that keeping sending money She Who Must Not Be Named’s while her behavior is harmful would be very wrong. This money should go to the Trans community instead.

Links to support the Trans community:

Let’s read: Books by Trans and Non-Binary Authors | Trans YA Books by Trans Authors | Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books by Trans Authors

Check out: Transathon (July 1st to 31st) | Margaret @Weird Zeal’s post on How to Be a Harry Potter Fan Without Supporting JKR Ever Again | @Paper Procrastinators’ Other Bookish Ways to Categorize Yourself (not as Hogwarts houses)


Now, you know me and I’m all about coherence. I’m going to say something even though I’m not good at it. Sorry if it sounds rude, but maybe let’s ask ourselves why it does.

All those of us who are not directly affected by these topics could go back to our normal lives and secretly be relieved/happy that our daily routine is still the same — we would only privately be miserable beings who don’t deserve the privileges we have. Or we could choose to actively help and be supporting allies. We’re lucky enough to have the choice. Just remember that what goes around comes around. Would we like to be helped and supported?

What we should also remember is that not seeing an issue doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Do we have to wait for the hashtag #XLivesMatter to start supporting X group and acknowledging their rights? I’ve seen many people from the country where I live being very loud about #BlackLivesMatter while still treating the local minorities in a horrid way. Let’s not be the all high-and-mighty saviors in foreign lands when we do nothing to help those who live down the street. Doing both is perfectly possible.

Here is the point I’m perhaps most clumsy in addressing (again, I apologize if it sounds offensive). It’s easy to hide behind the “but I’ve got issues too” argument. Yes, we do. Yes, we suffer from them. And yes, the fact that a person’s pain is more intense than ours doesn’t mean ours isn’t valid. We hurt too, no one is saying we don’t. But facing our pain and helping others fight theirs aren’t mutually exclusive. As humans, we have to put first those who are suffering the most.

We’ve not all been raised in open-minded households. We’ve not all been taught how much diversity there is worldwide. But if we’re old enough to be on Twitter, to read blog posts, to surf the net, then we are old enough to educate ourselves and start developing our own values and beliefs.

When slipping behind the “but I’m treated unfairly too” mindest, let’s ask ourselves: How much easier is my life compared to that of others? How much harder is life for a Black/Trans/X person with the same issues as mine?

Then let’s consider this answer: I will never fully understand, it would be unfair to pretend I do. The only thing I ought to do is step back, listen, and support. Actively.


Last thing… It’s June, Pride month. Hopefully, by this time next year, I will have worn my colors at the London march.

I don’t know exactly where is my place under the rainbow flag, and I don’t even think it’s important to know for sure and stick one more label on my forehead, but I’m attracted to more than one gender. I’m queer and I’m proud. If anyone has a problem with that, I won’t keep you any longer.

I believe any person can be good, though, so maybe read a bit about it and ponder on the fact that our world needs more love and less hate.

Links to support the LGBT+ community:

Let’s read: 17 South Asian Queer Books | 40 of the Best Queer Books | Fadwa @Word Wonders’ Lists of Diverse Books | LGBTQ+ Books with Disabled and/or Neurodivergent MCs by Hâf @Library Looter

Check out: Reads Rainbow | Read Your Gays Readathon (it’s already over, but I’m sure as heck joining in 2021)

Please don’t comment on this post unless it is to bring my attention to something poorly phrased or offensive or to suggest more resources/reads.

Also, I’ve never really said this openly, but those who have messaged me privately know that our chats are respectful, judgement-free spaces where they can rant and express themselves freely.

If you ever need to talk, please consider reaching out either through my contact page or Twitter.

With much love,



4 thoughts on “To Those of us Who Want to Be Allies (several topics)

  1. This is a wonderful post – you’re so well-spoken & you raise so many important points in this post! Thank you for including our post as well as all the other resources, it’s so wonderful to see everyone coming together and encouraging action and education 🥰

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  2. You’ve put together an incredible post with some wondeful resources here, and I think you’ve raised so many important points! It’s so heartening to see everyone come together & share resources and work together to educate ourselves & each other 🥰

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