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Hi and welcome to this land of bookiness!

My name is Alice and I read books when I eat, brush my teeth, cook, lie in bed, loll in trees, sit in the staircase (much to my family’s despair), and probably would while sleeping if it were possible.

This blog is my baby, my love, my sanctuary. I haven’t had it for very long, but it’s as special as if I’d spent my whole life using it. It’s the space where I channel my love for literature and bookish stuff, my way to thank authors for making my life a gazillion times richer and worth living.

Here you’ll find book reviews, bookworm hacks, bookish tags and challenges, author interviews, and all kinds of content to help you choose your next read and revel in the love for your favorite fictional worlds.

I also work as a freelance writer, write fiction, take pictures, digitally edit said pictures, math around, cook exotic disasters, and do more nerdy stuff. From September 2020, I’ll officially be a college freshman in London (*does the wiggly excited dance*).

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Few facts?

  • Book: What sorta Sophie’s Choice question is that Six of Crows? The Count of Monte Cristo? (Check my rec pile)
  • Character: See above Jo March? Jesper Fahey? Luke Sunborn?
  • Favorite words: See above the above Quirky, whimsy, syzygy, vellichor, aurora, ethereal, moonglade, maaaany more.
  • Genre: YA ⋆ Fairytales + retellings ⋆ Historical fiction ⋆ Steampunk ⋆ Fantasy ⋆ Dystopia ⋆ Sci-fi ⋆ Contemporary and romance (sometimes) ⋆ Mystery and thriller (when well-written)
  • Dream/goal: Becoming a published author
  • Realistic aspiration: I got a heart attack the day I realized I wouldn’t be able to read all the books on my TBR list (and those to be added) all in one life so I’m on my way to become a cat-surrounded literary spinster.
  • Animal: Cat
  • Food: Pineapple and chocolate (not together though, please)
  • Music: Pop, classical when my soul needs soothing
  • Color: Pastels, but blue primarily this blog absolutely reflects it, right?
  • Flower: SUNFLOWER and daisy
  • Moment of the day: Golden hour
  • Holiday: White Christmas
  • Awful secret: I may totally judge a book by its cover
  • Talent: I… breathe?

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