Quick Intro: Amethyst Pledge ~ Leonie Rogers

This is a quick introduction to a book I am currently reading!
I received this one from NetGalley as an e-ARC in exchange for a honest review (which I’ll publish around the book’s publication date).

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Expected rating: ★★★★✰

Why I picked it: The premise is catching, the cover as well, and I felt like diving in a new world with its own rules and laws.

Publication date: April 17th 2020

Pages: 266

Follow my updates as I read! (spoiler-free)

When Kazari answers the Lady’s call to serve, she never expects to take the amethyst of the Hunter, one of the select few who defend Albatar from the gorgones – demons brought from Beyond by the Second King. After all, at fifteen, she’s short and stocky, and not made of the stuff of legends. But the Lady, (she who created Albatar as a sanctuary for the faithful following the Gorgone War) has other ideas. And now rumours of gorgone attacks herald another war.

As a Hunter, a group whose exploits are legend within Albatar, Kazari is expected to play her part in the coming war. But as young and untrained as she is, and despite the gifts the Lady has given her, how can she live up to the legends of the past?

When gorgones attack the Abbey and threaten her family, Kazari doesn’t have a choice. And with Albatar under attack, even the Hunters’ gifts may not be enough to defeat the evil that threatens them all.

What I’m really looking forward in here is the worldbuilding. Really, if this book delivers all the worldbuilding implied in the synopsis, I’ll be ready to pack for Albatar before Saturday.

I’m sad, I’m overbusy, I need magic. Will I get epic battles? Will I become addicted to a new universe? I hope so.

Would you read Amethyst Pledge after this quick intro? What’s the best fantasy book you’ve read recently?

13 thoughts on “Quick Intro: Amethyst Pledge ~ Leonie Rogers

  1. I’d pick up this book based on the summary ‘cause I love a good hero’s journey sort of novel and “stocky” makes me think we’ve got a plus-sized protagonist which is nice! Can’t wait to see your thoughts! The best fantasy I’ve read recently is The Dragon Republic by R. F. Kuang 🙂

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    1. I just “goodreaded” The Dragon Republic and… It’s part of the Poppy War series (sorry I’m ignorant)!! (It’s also 560 pages long so wow.) Everyone keeps talking positively about The Poppy War, but it’s a trilogy, right? Would you recommend to wait to get started with it, when the third book will be published?

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      1. Haha, sorry, should have made it clear it was the second book 😛 It’ll be a trilogy and the third book is coming out November 2020 (for now). I’d recommend waiting for all three to come out because if you fall in love with the first book like I have, the waiting for the third book will be agonizing 😩 and yeah they’re all pretty chunky lol

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