5 Things My Bookworm Dad and I Love to Do Together

Hi everyone!

I disappeared for what felt like eternity, but it was necessary. I can’t believe I moved countries, became an au-pair, and started a university degree in the last four months. I pulled my first student all-nighters and I’m proud-slash-sleep-deprived.

My emotions are still hovering between “in shock”, “excited”, and “sad to have left my family”, with the latter hitting a bit harder. For this reason, I’ve created a mini-series of posts to feel closer to them. There was a time when talking about my family online would have been an embarrassment™.

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The first one is dedicated to the person who has spoiled my love for reading the most: my father.

1- Turn quotes from books we both read into inside jokes

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To be honest, Dad and I reading the same book is the epitome of rare. He loves historical, anthropological, and philosophical non-fiction and I do like historical stuff too, but I’m much more tuned on fiction, especially fantasy and YA.

But when we find something that makes us meet in the middle, we usually both have strong positive feelings towards it. Because if we both read it, it means we both liked it, and that’s another rare thing.

Like any other bookworms, Dad and I keep quotes from our favourite reads. And since it’s such an outstanding thing when we both have quotes in common, they become our inside jokes.

The last book with which we did it is Quando l’Automobile Uccise la Cavalleria by Giorgio Caponetti (the title literally translates to “when the automobile killed the cavalry”). It’s the romanticized story of how the FIAT brand was born and how cars made traveling by horse obsolete.

We both loved it for different reasons, but what we both agree on is that it’s got amazing characters, a great setting, and some quotes worth remembering. We’ve kept the shortest ones as inside jokes.

We sign our emails with them, use them to sum up conversations, and I’ve even written them on fancy canvas for him to hang in his room.

2- Discuss interesting words from our books

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About time for my blog to justify its name, isn’t it?

I love words and so does Dad, although in a different way. He cares about their etymology (points if they’ve got Latin or Greek roots) and while I do like this aspect too, I’m more charmed by their aesthetic and phonetic.

We often “trade” words (usually at lunch, and everyone else rolls their eyes). It’s funny because we really develop long conversations and tie the words to concepts and discussions we’ve had before. When we use them after that, it’s almost as if they too were an inside joke.

3- Spend quality time together (aka sit on the couch and read our respective books in silence)

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I did get my personality from Dad. We’re not really introverts, because we’re also good at being with people, but after some time our energy for socializing burns out.

Because we both know how much talking costs us sometimes, and because we’re both aware of how peaceful and satisfying it is to just open a book and lose yourself in words, we often spend time together doing that. No conversation, no interaction, just sitting on the couch each with our own book. Sometimes with our feet touching because we’re on opposite ends of the couch.

No one in our family understands that. No one can see why we’d count not-interacting as spending time together.

I’m very grateful to Dad for sharing some of my quirks.

4- Practically empty bookstores

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Mom is all about efficiency, my brother is not really interested in reading anymore, and my sister hasn’t developed the second-nature of breathing books… So they’re all in-an-out of bookstores in a breeze.

But Dad? He absolutely cannot be left by himself with his wallet in bookstores. And I better not be the one sent to supervise him. We’re a terrific book-hauling team.

When we’re on a budget and can only pick a couple of books, we spend hours choosing them. Otherwise… I remember once, Dad went to a bookstore alone I was so mad because he hadn’t waited for me.

He bought 12 books.

5- Talk about our dream coffee-bookshop

Jess Hearts Books: What Kind of Book Buyer Are You?

It’s a wish we’ve shared for a long time: to open a coffee-bookshop.

To be honest, it’s probably just a pipe dream, but we love to talk about the setting and imagine our customers or the types of coffee we’d offer. They would be based on characters or book moods and our cookies would be inspired on book covers.

Do you have a special bookworm bond with your parents? Is there someone with whom you like to share your booklover quirks? Let me know in the comments!


16 thoughts on “5 Things My Bookworm Dad and I Love to Do Together

  1. This post is so cute! My parents are both readers, my mom mostly, but the three of us enjoy going to the bookstore and spend hours there. With my mom I share, because of her, the “quirk” of picking books by their title and not reading the entire sinopsis. I loved this post and I felt like I was part of the dynamic. Keep doing this series, I promise I’ll try to read every post! And don’t feel embarrased about your family and your “quirks” and bonds. TAKE CARE! (Btw. The page won’t let me like your post.)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sorry for all caps, but I MISSED YOU AND I’M SO GLAD YOU’RE BACK! This is such a lovely post and I’m a little envious that one of your parents is a bookworm. My family is the Kardashians, but let us not speak of them. I hope everything works out wherever you are!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve been pretty good, and thank you! 💜 Just busy with writing and reading and life in general.

        (I am honored. Now we can be a happy bookish family. 🥺)

        Liked by 1 person

  3. It’s wonderful to hear from you, Alice. You have definitely been missed, but congratulations on achieving so much in the last few months 💛

    This is such a lovely post. It sounds really special that you have this relationship with your dad and spend time reading together and discussing word origins. Love that. 🥰

    Liked by 1 person

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