My 5 favorite M/M OTPs

Hey everyone!

Valentines Day was like… two days ago? Three? Yeah, I don’t know, it’s not like I have time to invest in a relationship that isn’t fictional 😂 Those I really have energy for and can daydream of all day.

I’m not bitter. Just realistic.

Aaaanyway. I wanted to write something love-related, and my first idea was to make a general OTP post, BUT I realized that about 86% of my favorite ships are M/M (there’s something too sweet about a man falling in love, imagine two and with each other), so I decided to give my sweet loving bois their own post.

I’ve just finished reading Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda (can you hear me gushing) and The Song of Achilles (*still cries*), so I’m in the rightest mood to type down this list.

Without further of my boring ado, here are my 5 fav M/M OTPs (in no particular order).

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Note: This post is spoiler-free friendly! If the pairings aren’t obvious at the beginning of the book(s), I have hidden the boys’ names with the toggle effect. To reveal the text, just click on the green words.

Click me 🙂 Spoilers are terrible. Imagine if someone told you about the biggest secret in The Raven Boys before you read it. Yeah, it happened to me.

In the Six of Crows Duology

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Pairing Jesper x Wylan

There is balance, there is banter, there is softness. Their flaws and qualities match, fit in like pieces of a puzzle between them. I just really like how compatible they are (their ending makes it much easier to stomach that the duology is concluding so fast).

Their romance is not a pillar of the plot/story, but it is such a nice add, it makes the books better. It unfolded smoothly, naturally, with some teasing and fumbling for words and blushing and soft clumsiness. Because of a wonderful plot twist, we understood that their affection (at least on one side) was not at all strongly relying on physical appearance.

I rooted for their love story since the beginning (when there wasn’t even one yet), and my fam had to pick me up from the floor when something finally happened between them (ahhhh).

I don’t think I’ve ever loved any boy more than I love these two (loving each other). I’m starting a petition to get a book only about them two.

Big spoiler (plot twist and pairing mentioned) When Jesper kissed Kuwei-Kuwei thinking it was Wylan-Kuwei and he felt like it wasn’t as he had expected, my mind went *explosion*. His attraction to Wylan was so much more than just something on the surface.

Blue and Jacques (Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda)

No need for secrecy here, the protagonists already took care of that.

Jacques (whose “civilian” identity we know) is overly sweet and funny, and just the right touch of head-in-the-clouds. Blue is calm and thoughtful (the t-shirt, pal), and cute and grammatical (their inside jokes *swoons*).

Reading this book felt like walking on a cloud, and in my humble opinion, the romance was much more tender than in the movie because we got more of it.

Alternating between their email exchange (with their slow slip from email-pals to openly developing feelings) and Simon’s irl search for Blue makes their love story feel much stronger, because it is not only based on looks or public behavior.

They help, encourage, and inspire each other to overcome obstacles, and if this is not the most important part of a healthy relationship, then what is? Mind you, I’m definitely not the expert, but I think it works this way.

Smol spoilers (minor plot details mentioned) Blue confessing that he kinda hoped that Simon would be Jacques had me smile/crying. And what to say about their oreos-mush-lunch escapade?!!!!!!

In the All for the Game trilogy

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Pairing Andrew x Neil

Wow, okay. This one is hard, but not only because the characters involved are complex in themselves. It’s a bit of a controversial relationship because of all the harming and hurting involved. But honestly, Sakavic handled it sensibly.

Not everyone might agree with this (since violence and mental instability are involved), but these two are actually right for each other. They are certainly a big contrast to Jacques and Blue, but their relationship is arguably healthy. To keep it spoiler-free, I’ll just say that even morally-ambiguous characters deserve love stories, and that romance cannot always be fluffy and (relatively) easy.

What is important in this ship — and what makes it a not toxic one — is that both boys stand up to each other; none bows to the other more than they should to maintain their delicate balance. They both remain stubborn and guarded, but also learn to let someone else get past their protection facade.

Apart from the psychological aspect of their love story, it’s good to highlight their challenge-like conversations based on crafty logic, and their mutual protectiveness. They learn to trust each other despite their inclination not to and respective wounds.

This ship clearly belongs to the trope of enemies to friends to lovers, albeit with more difficult characters, and I found its exploration and unfolding to be fascinating.

Considerable spoiler (pairing and minor plot detail mentioned) I don’t know if you did too, but when Andrew agreed to leave Aaron and Katelyn’s relationship in peace because his brother brought Neil into the picture, I fangirled all afternoon.

In the Raven Cycle series

The Raven Boys cover The Dream Thieves cover Blue Lily, Lily Blue cover The Raven Kind cover

Pairing Adam x Ronan

So… *draws in a deep breath* Where to start? First of, I can’t say much if I want to maintain this spoiler-free because all of Maggie Stiefvater’s characters are so different and unique that they are recognizable even when they are only lightly described. So pardon the vagueness.

(If you haven’t read the series but you’ve managed to not get this ship spoiled to you, it’s a miracle and I’m not going to waste it.)

It’s easy to see that these two boys care about each other right from the start and all through the story, be romance involved or not. It’s also easy to see that they balance each other‘s flaws and difficulties and do their best to keep harm at bay from one another (though all the positive characters in the story do this, it’s very strong between them two).

They’re softies with hearts bigger than their problems, and they’re tied together by life, fate, magic, and their own compatibility.

In a way, they are like the couple from All for the Game in that they are both strong characters, with their own ideas, ideals, and ways, and their journey to a romantic relationship is rocky.

Considerable spoiler (pairing and minor plot detail mentioned) Adam thought for a very long time that Gansey had paid part of his rent. When we actually discovered that it was Ronan’s doing, I felt all warm inside and cried a little. No one would have expected it from him, but he’s so soft. It was such a sweet proof of his strong feelings (he did it in secret, never brought it up, and tried his best to mask it so as to not make it feel like charity). I think when Adam realized and saw how considerate Ronan had been about handling it on behalf of Adam’s self-respect, he started really falling hard.

Alex and Henry (Red, White, and Royal Blue)

Red, White, and Royal Blue cover

(There’s nothing to hide here. Apart from the Prince and First Son’s relationship to the media, of course. I hope none of you will tip the press.)

Honestly, Alex can get so annoying and constantly messes things up and Henry is a little stuck up and very afraid, you’d think they’d never work out… BUT THEY JUST GO THROUGH SO MUCH SH*T TO BE TOGETHER, IT’S HEARTWARMING.

They’re fun, each in his own way, and some of the best moments of the story happen when one of the two makes the other discover some hidden aspect of his life. They get to know each other bit by bit while fighting to remain a secret and *swoons/cries/laughs/whatever it is*

They’ve got insecurities/doubts/fears and share them with each other and it makes the romance… real. They’re in such a difficult position, their love is practically forbidden, but that’s the thing: it’s LOVE. Strong, pure, unlimited love.

My family had to bear with me randomly squealing for an entire week because of this book. Also, I read some passages two or ten times because… sweetnessTM.

Smol spoiler (minor plot detail) Alex not realizing he was always attracted by Henry until his sister points it out to him is such a dumbassTM thing… Half the world population could probably relate. (I sure do.)

Is your favorite M/M pair on this list? Which would you add? I’d love to hear about your thoughts!


8 thoughts on “My 5 favorite M/M OTPs

  1. These are all SO GOOD! The only one I haven’t read is All For the Game, but all these others are definitely among my favorite ships. Also I love how emails feature heavily for two of these couples, Simon and Blue as well as Alex and Henry. Gotta love those romantic emails!!

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  2. Ahhhhhh I got the Raven Cycle one spoiled to me through fanart 😦
    But it was awesome fanart, and I ended up only being a couple of chapters away from it anyway, so it wasn’t too bad. I love the Raven Cycle!
    I have to agree with you on RWARB, it was so amazing!
    This is an awesome post, and if you need someone to fangirl with, please let me know because oml all of these!
    – Emma 🙂

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