Same characters in different stories ~ Ft books and movies

Hey everyone!

I’ve been doing mostly reviews and synopsis-related posts for now, but I’m in love with 101% of the discussion/thoughts posts y’all make, so I wanted to try my hand at those.

Because I’m weird and never know how to start anything a post (did I just say post three times in two sentences? four now *facepalms*), I’ll randomly explain again that this one is about characters who could easily be the same person in different universes/fandoms. Well, I say same, but it’s more like alter egos with a few differences to spot.

I’ve always loved to compare personalities and fuse images from movies with words from books. We all need to put a name to an face, right? Or vice versa.

And sometimes it’s not even that, it’s just about two characters from books that make me think: Wow, look at these two, they’re practically Chapi Chapo.

I will cut my stream of no-sense-making right now and roll on with the post. Hope you enjoy it!

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Kaz Brekker (Six of Crows) and Andrew Minyard (All for the Game)

Controversial, dark-minded pack leaders with a tragic past, no childhood, and a self-made education. They insist that they don’t care about anyone and act all detached, but if you do not want to face their wrath then stay away from their people. Seriously.

They have this disturbing thing where they consider their love interest as property? Yeah, and they’re also kind of not very right in the head and get violent easily. It looks like I’m here to spit on them, but I’m absolutely am not, I’m guilty of loving both of them and their incredibly temperamental stubbornness and all the very, very dark stuff.

All I want is to highlight their knack for sensing opportunity, their cynical and secretly- (Andrew)/not-so-secretly- (Kaz) goal-driven mentality, and their appalling disregard for consequences.

Willy Wonka (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory) and Prospero the Enchanter (The Night Circus)

When I started reading The Night Circus, it didn’t take me long to picture Prospero the Enchanter – aka Hector Bowen – as Gene Wilder’s version of Willy Wonka. They are both… batshit crazy. Gone bonkers.

Organize nonsensical challenge, but not the ones taking part in it? Yessir. Use children as pawns? Well, why not. Paternal figures that look cheerful and cool from the outside but that are actually insensitive? Precisely.

Bonus: put people in serious danger with absolutely no warning nor precautions nor concern? Well #Don’tCareAboutAnythingElseThan OwnAmusementAndHot-Air-Balloon-SizedEgo.

(I’m sorry to anyone who likes Willy Wonka, I was just traumatized by what happened to kids and people in his factory.)

Hermione Granger (The Harry Potter Series) and Elizabeth Bennet (Pride and Prejudice)

Mione and Lizzy are both strong-minded and aren’t afraid of standing up for themselves or their people. They will bite you if you’re disagreeable towards someone belonging to their circle.

They’re loud when the situation calls for it and somehow rebel: they don’t care what everyone say is normal, they listen to what their heart and mind say is right. They’re probably nicknamed Ms. Stubbornness behind their back.

Both soften towards men they never thought they would end up with at first, going from being all defenses around them to opening a door to their heart. But they made sure to choose a partner who will respect and value them as much as Mione and Lizzy respect and value books.

Mr. Alexander H- (The Night Circus) and the Grey Man (The Dream Thieves)

Secrecy is their middle name. Don’t ask for their real one, they won’t tell you!

They might not do business in a very noble branch, but you couldn’t tell, they smell and act like gentlemen! Calm, composed, cold, calculating. Nothing seems to deserve more than a miiiiild agitation from them (and that is the most panicky reaction you will get).

Twisted reasoning, anyone? Blood-freezing tranquillity? Don’t try to outwit them, you might not like where (or how) you end up.

One difference? The Grey Man has a softTM core, Mr. Alexander H- is a psycho through and through.

Beatrice (Speak Easy, Speak Love) and Princess Merida (Brave)

Oh, how fiery these girls are, and how much they stand their ground! They both dislike the idea of ending up depending on a man: yikes, romance is such a loss of time. (Beatrice softens, but she maintains her highly-feminist attitude nonetheless.)

They are loud, they are clumsy, they are skilled in male-reserved fields! Gentlemen, beware their quick wit and fire-like temperament, or you might end up wounded in your pride when realizing that those ladies are, in fact, better than you at a (long) list of things.

And, of course, how to forget their cloud of impressive, unruly, tangled hair?

(Would you agree, Margaret?)

Jo Hamilton (The Girls at the Kingfisher Club) and Jo March (Little Women)

Apart from the fact that they share the same name, the two feminist-in-my-own-way girls have a lot in common. Jo Hamilton is basically a 1920s version of Jo March, except with almost four times as many sisters, no wise and caring mother to support her unconditionally, and a terrible father instead of a loving one.

Jo March’s wildness and recklessness are a luxury that Jo Hamilton cannot afford, but otherwise, they act alike. Both feel responsible of the well-being of their family and can be overly protective of their sisters. They prove to be extremely fierce, determined, and stubborn, and are the ones who offer to make the most sacrifices.

Both Jo’s are ready to let go of romance because they know their situations don’t allow them to have a love life, and they always manage to land on both their feet (albeit panting) because of their resolution and effective thinking.

The Demon (Blue Lily, Lily Blue) and Randall Boggs (Monsters, Inc.)

Well yeah, this is a particularly… interesting one. I’m laughing at my own mind.

Ugly + sly + snarky + multi-legged non-humanoid character that is a pain in the neck antagonist? Careful with their silver tongue, they can trick you into doing stuff without you realizing it.

That’s it, those are my arguments.

Would you pair any of these characters with an other alter ego? Which ones did I get totally wrong/right?

What other “doppelgängers from another fandom” do you know?


17 thoughts on “Same characters in different stories ~ Ft books and movies

  1. This is such a cool idea, and I loved seeing all of these comparisons! I DEFINITELY agree with Beatrice and Merida – they’re SO alike and definitely better than all the men around them 😉 And I LOVE the comparison between Hermione and Lizzie! How did I never see it before?? It’s perfect! The comparison between the demon in BLLB and Randall from Monsters Inc made me burst out laughing 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This was so clever! I’m terrible at making comparisons, so I was super impressed at how well you matched these characters! Now that you’ve mentioned the Hermione/Elizabeth Bennett similarities, I can’t unsee it! They’re the same person now, and nothing can change my mind.

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