Listing Bookmarks I’ve Used and Want to Use (and rating them from Fanny-Price-ordinary to Lydia-Bennet-scandalous)

Hey everyone!!

I want to say this is an attempt to come back to regularly blogging. But if I say it, I’ll jinx it (superstitious much). The point is, I want to try posting a long post on Sundays and a short, quickly-thrown-together thing in the middle of the week. (Dreams are free. Uni is not. This is going to last two weeks at best.)

For the first post “thrown together” post (I’ve been on this for over an hour now), have a list of bookmarks I’ve used followed by one of bookmarks I’d like to use in the future.

As a plus, I’m drawing on my nostalgia for my Austen days from an acute Bridgerton hangover and reading Haunting Mr. Darcy. So each bookmark will be associated to an Austen character.

Let’s have fun!

10 Bookmarks I’ve Used (not ranked in any particular order)

♡ An actual bookmark

  • I think I did? Years ago? Can’t say for sure.
  • Meh, really basic.
  • What else can I say?
  • The plain Mary Bennet of the bunch.

♡ A DIY bookmark

  • It is different from the random bookmark because it was a goodbye gift from one of my favourite friends.
  • One of the cutest items in my possession (and I’ve got a sloth teddy bear, so you figure out the math).
  • Not only did my friend draw it, but she also laminated it, so it’s cool and indestructible.
  • I’d say it’s the Elinor Dashwood of bookmarks.

♡ Receipts

  • I feel like a lot of readers use these (possibly one from the bookstore or the library).
  • I use them because “it was there and I needed something.”
  • I’d eventually lose them and never see them again.
  • Harmless, a bit lost, paper-white and without much substance… Greetings, Fanny Price.

♡ Somebody’s arm

  • Attached to a body, obviously.
  • It’s not meant to sound creepy.
  • The person was just asleep.
  • The arm was there and I needed a bookmark.
  • I think the secret services just knocked at my door.
  • Not very practical. The person moved and I lost my page.
  • Ehhhh… George Wickham because… chaos and confusion.

♡ My phone

  • Dangerous if forgotten in the book. You might pick the book up carelessly and the phone will slip and that’s how you’ll smash your screen protector on the edge of your laptop.
  • Usually it’s playing a Spotify playlist, so noisy.
  • Too encouraging of socialisation for my introverted tastes, but a dear friend of my nerves nonetheless. Mrs. Bennet through and through.

♡ Sitting on the page

  • The page, not the whole book. I don’t go around breaking spines.
  • I do go around a lot, though, so I usually lose the page because I’ve stood up.
  • Dumb, useless, and not much more. Yes, Mr. Collins, that’s you.

♡ Any type of hair accessory

  • From pins to bandanas to hairbands to headbands. You name it, I’ve used it.
  • I’d rather mark my page than have a perfect hairdo anyways.
  • Multifunctional, disappears and reappears without notice, simple and a bit unconventional. We love a Captain Wentworth.

♡ My friends’ fingers

  • Yes, attached to their bodies. What kind of opinion do you have of me.
  • They just put their finger between the pages and hold the book for a couple of-
  • Hang on, I think the secret services are back.
  • I love my friends.
  • Vibes of loyalty, affection, and unconditional support. Mr. Knightley, is that you?

♡ Another book

  • One of my absolute favourites.
  • Why does it feel passively aggressively bookish??
  • Usually works pretty well and is also very chaotic-readerTM.
  • What a Jane Fairfax, stealing the show. (Joking, I love her.)

♡ A dry soap bar

  • I swear it was so dry it didn’t even turn soapy when put under running water.
  • I still was stressed the whole time that it would leave a mark on the pages.
  • I used it twice though.
  • Hello, Lydia “Scandalous and Poor Judgment” Bennet.

5 Bookmarks I Want to Use in the Future

♡ A sprout bookmark

  • I’ve seen some on Amazon and I’ve been obsessed. Not going to spend money on them right now, but one day.
  • Edit from two days later: I bought them.
  • You can make them peek out from the book’s top, I-
  • A plant I wouldn’t risk killing by just owning it.
  • Cute, precious, timid but a ray of sunshine… Georgiana Darcy, this is bookmark you.

♡ A pressed flower

  • Possibly a rose.
  • I’d take rOmAnTiC to a superior level, no one could stop me.
  • I wouldn’t cut a flower just because. I’d use a faltering one from a bouquet.
  • Don’t tell me it’s not Jane Bennet.

♡ A crochet flower

  • Great to use while the actual flower is in the process of being pressed because I don’t have the patience to wait.
  • I’d finally use my crochet skills for something useful.
  • I need the time, though.
  • It’d be very cottagecore and grandmacore.
  • Strong, sophisticated, beautiful (if I manage)… Ladies and gentlemen, Emma Woodhouse.

♡ Post-Its

  • I don’t annotate books, but I’d love to. It looks so pretty and organised!
  • I’d probably forget to use the post-its through the whole of the book’s middle, though.
  • And I’d never settle for what colour to use for what. And what if I need more colours? And I can’t remember what each colour stands for?
  • Confusing me, Lizzie, and himself, Mr. Darcy stars in this post as post-its.

♡ Love letters

  • Did I say pressed flowers were peak romance? Ha.
  • Giving my soulmate one more year to appear and write me love letters. Otherwise I’ll do it myself.
  • Handwritten and with a wax seal, thank you very much.
  • I would spend more time re-reading the letters when I open the book than actually reading the book.
  • Ahhhh, kindness, honourableness, love above anything else. Back off everyone, Edward Ferrars has entered the chat.

Which of these bookmarks have you used? Which ones are your ‘eccentric’ picks? Do you have any recs?

(Also, which Austen characters would you have paired with these bookmarks?)


17 thoughts on “Listing Bookmarks I’ve Used and Want to Use (and rating them from Fanny-Price-ordinary to Lydia-Bennet-scandalous)

  1. Okay. Alice. This has got to be one of the most creative, awesome posts I have EVER seen. I was laughing (a lot) in agreement with literally all of your choices!! I’ll be here still thinking about this post and chuckling over how hilarious Darcy is, how adorably awkward Wentworth is, how GOLD Elizabeth is, how patient Anne is, and how, again, hilarious Emma is (full circle AM I RIGHT) if you want to talk!! 😂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Aw you’re too kind Alice! ☺️ Characters or bookmark pairings? 😂 For characters, I just have to go with Elizabeth and Darcy, the angst and growth and everything was just so good!! And I really can’t choose which bookmark pairings I like best, they’re all so funny and true and creative…(and I am in complete agreement that Mr. Collins is very useless and annoying and if he says Lady Catherine de Bourgh one more time…😂) Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!!

        Liked by 1 person

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