Random Thoughts on Pride and Prejudice (I’m obsessed and this was just an excuse to play with Photoshop)

Hey everyone!

I hope you’re all collecting the free audiobooks from AudiobookSync. I sure am. Last year I got Fresh Ink and I am listening to it now. I really love some of the stories.

That’s not the point of the post.

There’s actually no point to the post.

Except… I just watched The Jane Austen Book Club, and while I thought it a terrible movie on so many levels, it made me want to do something Jane Austen-y. This is turning into an Austen fanblog.

Plus, my uni has recently granted digital comms student access to the Creative Cloud, and I’ve badly wanted to play with Photoshop like I used to.

I did ‘edits’ on Tumblr, grabbing images off the net and playing with colour settings on Ps to make them match. I was kinda proud of them by the end of my ‘career’. Then I moved and was laptop-less for about six months, so I dropped it, but the images in this post were edited in that style (they’re all from Unsplash).

Each of them is followed by some thoughts it has prompted.


1. Through the fields

  • Mrs. Bennet could star in a 2000s chick flick and no one would bat an eye. She could be both the teen-obsessed mom, or the vain, scheming protagonist who comes up with weird plans to hit on their crush.
  • Lizzie walking through the mud to get to her sister because she felt like walking and didn’t care what anyone would think of her is the type of behaviour an actual badass female protagonist displays. (Mr. Darcy agrees.) She doesn’t insult everyone or go the extra mile to flaunt her actions in the face of men and “weak female characters” like in many modern novels (I’m particularly thinking of Serpent and Dove right now.)
  • I saw a meme on Instagram that showed Matthew Macfadyen on set with mud on his coat after the sunrise field scene that said “who’s 6inches deep in mud now” and like an idiot I didn’t save it.

2. Take the coach home

  • For some reason, I’m thinking of a few different stories that involve a pivotal coach ride.
  • Who’s still thinking about the 2005 Pride and Prejudice hand flex in front of Netherfield? *Slowly raises hand*
  • The ride back home in Sense and Sensibility. Marianne falls ill and her and Elinor have to stop at Cleveland. I particularly like Alan Rickman’s Colonel Brandon at this moment.
  • In Haunting Mr. Darcy, the story starts because of a coach accident. (It’s a ridiculously entertaining read, by the way.)
  • It’s not Austen related, but I couldn’t help thinking about Meg and Jo March from Little Women needing a coach after Meg sprained her ankle. I like her growth throughout the story.

3. A town full of soldiers

  • Mr. and Mrs. Bennet knew that sending Lydia (and Kitty) to Meryton would lead to something bad. I just think the first didn’t care and the second hoped for it.
  • Every single time the soldiers are around, #highschool vibes.

4. Can we bring letters back?

  • Mr. Darcy absolutely ignores what “tact” is.
  • Miscommunication is one of my pet peeves, so my little heart was so full when Darcy took the time to explain. Not saying that I support everything he wrote in that letter, but at least he explained his side.
  • He wanted to be gone when she would read his words. I’m so like that too.
  • How marvellous would it be to not have to worry about answering a text immediately because letters take 1-5 days? And if you never answered and they sent another letter complaining, you’d just blame it on the mail service?

4. Home sweet home

  • I’m mad at Jane Austen for not including a “Mr. Darcy washes his frustration and tries to drown his heartache in the lake” scene. Thanks to the 1995 series for saving the day.
  • Honesty hour: the fact that Mr. Darcy finds Lizzie visiting Pemberley (their first actual encounter since the argument-slash-disastrous-proposal-fiasco) caused me so much second-hand embarrassment.
  • If you haven’t watched Death Comes to Pemberley, maybe you should.

What else should I have talked about surrounding these themes? How many adaptations of Pride and Prejudice have you read/watched? Am I too obsessed?

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